Alex's Web Filter Page

What is the worse thing that can happen? If you don't have a web filter.

  • Virus
  • Identity Theft
  • Illegal Stuff / Adult stuff
  • Getting off topic



If a virus gets on a computer that is in a group. It will slow down or damage the computers.
The web filter blocks most sites that contain viruses.

Identity Theft

Identity theft does not happen at schools that often.
Identity thieves are most times after money $.

"Web filters help deal with another threat, which is identity theft through phishing and pharming sites. Phishing involves sending an email that is apparently legitimate – such as changing a password at a well-known banking site – and has the user follow a link to a fake site. When users log into the fake site, the site records steals their personal data, without users ever realizing it. The same principle is true for pharming sites; they use a slightly off URL and wait for someone to mistype the real URL. They impersonate the legitimate site and steal user information as its entered." from

Illegal Stuff / Adult stuff

This one is pretty straight forward web filter stops porn drugs and violence.
The web filter does not let you go to adult type sites.
One main point is it is ILLEGAL for anyone under 18 or 21 to view Adult stuff and porn!

Getting off topic

Stops all the not useful sites to keep people work or learning.
See she is distracted!!!