Blueprints & Borrowed Letters
Chapter 12 in Guns, Germs, and Steel

Lesson Plan

  • Monday: Discuss the important points in the chapter introduction, from page 215 to 225.
  • Tuesday: Introduce blueprint copying vs. idea diffusion as methods of spreading writing. Split into groups and discuss your own topics. Organize the basic facts into a wikispace page (links below).
  • Wednesday: Create a VoiceThread to get the idea across about your topic.
    • Blueprint copying: Grant (create VoiceThread under your account, record audio), Arai (images), Scott (script)
    • Idea Diffusion: Patrick (create VoiceThread under your account, record audio), Graham (images), David (script)
  • Thursday and Friday: Finish the VoiceThread then post it to your topic page.


Percentage of Total Score
On time
Organization (team worked from notes they previously created on the wiki, work proceeded in an orderly fashion, team members could describe where they were in the process)
Coverage (VoiceThread covers topic completely)
Visuals (pictures help tell the story rather than act as obligatory bric-a-brac)
Story (audio and text tell the story of your topic convincingly)
Teamwork (all team members contributed fairly)