Animals and Geography


Cattle are the most versatile domesticated animals on the planet.they were first found in parts of Europe, Asia and North Africa at the end of the Ice Age, and domesticated by the earliest Neolithic farmers around 8000 years ago.


Goats were domesticated nearly 10,000 years ago in the Zagros mountains of modern-day Iran, goats are arguably the oldest farmyard animal in the world.


Sheep have been domesticated for at least 7,000 years and are descended from a wild species which roamed the plains of the Fertile Crescent throughout the Neolithic period.


Domestic pigs are descended from wild relatives which still populate parts of Europe and Asia. Domesticated at least 7000 years ago in the Fertile crescent and in China, the pig is of limited use compared to other Eurasian livestock and farmed primarily for its meat.


The only large mammals ever domesticated within the Ancient Americas, Llamas and alpacas are evolutionary cousins of the camel – although they lack the camel's signature hump. And were Domesticated by Native Americans more than 5,000 years ago.


Domesticated in central Asia around five thousand years ago, the horse was instrumental to the development of Eurasian civilization. Unlike most other large mammals, it was not farmed for its meat, milk or hides. Instead, the horse was harnessed solely for its incredible strength – to pull plows, vehicles, and most significantly, to carry humans themselves.